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Said is botanist and a keen field researcher. He joined WCS as the Assistant Director of the Zanzibar Forest Project, focusing his efforts on the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources by local communities. During this time he was actively involved in Red colobus monitoring, the Red colobus Census and the collection of botanical specimens and ethno botanical information in Jozani - Chwaka Bay National Park. He holds an Advanced Diploma in Plant Conservation from the Forestry Training Institute and the Tropical Pesticide Research Institute, Arusha. 

Hamisi Idrissa Sadallah: COUNTRY FINANCE MANAGER 
Hamisi holds an MBA in Finance and Banking from Mzumbe University in Morogoro and CPA1 from Dar es Salaam. Before joining WCS, he worked with the Family Planning Association of Tanzania as a System Internal Auditor, Area Manager Area Finance and Administrative Officer and Area Accountant. He also worked with Tanzania Central Freight Bureau (SUMATRA) as Assistant Accountant and was dealing with foreign agency’s disbursement accounts. He has been working for WCS Tanzania Program as a Country Finance Manager since 2008.

Iddi Khamis Abrahman: OFFICE GUARD
Iddi joined WCS in 2012. Previously he was working as a gardener for Renco tourist office. He guards and maintains the office and grounds as well as assisting with other tasks including electrical work. He completed Form IV level education at Chukwani secondary school. 

Tomas Kangai Makunga: OFFICE GUARD
Tomas joined WCS in 2015 to guard the office and country director’s compound. Previously he was working with Nguru Six International in Dar es Salaam as well as Dodoma University. He has completed primary education.

Lamyaki Raimond: OFFICE GUARD
Lamyniak joined WCS in February 2015. This is his first job.

Mohamed Bakar Mohamed: OFFICE GUARD
Mohamed joined WCS Zanzibar in September 2014 as an office guard and gardener. Mohamed always maintains a high level of cleanliness in the compound and looks after the gardens well. He has completed secondary education.

Jackson Ngoloni Mokola: OFFICE GUARD
Jackson joined WCS Zanzibar in 2014 as an office guard and gardener.  Previously,  Jackson was working as a guard for a private individual. He has completed standard seven level education.

Nowa Naiji Ngorika: OFFICE GUARD
Nowa joined WCS Zanzibar in February 2015. He was previously working at Kilindi Hotel in Nungwi